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Golden Crystal, as manufacturer and supplier of cnc machining steel, machined steel parts and precision machined parts, our steel machined parts with alloy / carbon steel. If you would like to learn more details about our cnc machining steel and precision machined parts, please browse the following products and feel free to inquire.

Alloy Steel:

  • AISI/ SAE 4140:
    Shafts, gears, bolts, couplings, spindles, tool holders, sprockets, hydraulic machinery shafts, oil industry drill collars, Kelly bars, tools joints, cnc machining steel, machining stainless steelso on.
  • AISI/ SAE 8620:
    Caburized splined shafts, piston pins, cam shafts, guide pins, bushings, automotive differential pinions and transmissions, arbors, bearings, sleeves king pins, carburized gears, stainless steel machining, machined steel, general engineering purposes.

Carbon Steel:

  • AISI/ SAE 12L14:
    Used to maximum advantage for parts where considerable machining is required such as bushings, inserts, couplings and hydraulic hose fittings. With good ductility, these grades are suitable for parts involving bending, crimping or riveting.
  • AISI/ SAE 1018:
    Suitable for parts requiring cold forming, such as crimping, bending, or swaging. Especially suitable for carburized parts requiring soft core and high surface hardness, steel machined parts, such as gears, pinions, worms, king pins, ratchets, dogs so on.
  • AISI/ SAE 1020:
    General purpose structural and miscellaneous non-critical applications, precision stainless steel parts, general engineering parts, shafts, agricultural implements, hubs, so on.
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