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Golden Crystal provides you the best CNC machining services and precision machining services, including cnc lathe parts, cnc bike parts, cnc medical parts, cnc turning parts, etc.

We supply widely CNC machining services as below:

  1. Automotive specialty tool, CNC bike parts, auto/automobiles/vehicle/car spare parts, motorcycle, pneumatic, electronic/electric/electrical parts & components
  2. Lavatory hardware, air activation tool parts
  3. CNC medical Parts, CNC medical treatment, medical equipment parts
  4. Electronic/electric product
  5. Optical product, optical parts
  6. Machining parts, CNC turning parts, hardware parts, CNC machined parts, CNC precision machining, precision machined parts and others

Precision Machining Services Characteristics

  1. We have outstanding manufacturing technology and stable turning center to process complex and precise components.
  2. Our VERTEX dimension measuring instrument allow stability of multiple and repeat tests.
  3. We have "Magnetic De-burring and Polishing Machine" to smooth the product surface with no acute angles.
  4. We have employee training program to enhance the professional knowledge of our employees.
CNC Bike Parts
CNC Bike Parts
CNC Turning Parts, Precision Turned Parts
CNC Turning Parts
CNC Medical Parts, Medical Equipment Parts
CNC Medical Parts
Electronic Machine Parts, CNC Electronic Parts
Electronic Machine Parts
CNC Optical Parts
Optical Machining
Custom CNC Machining
Custom Machined Parts
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