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As an experienced and professional aluminum machining services provider, Golden Crystal offers you the best aluminum machined parts. Our aluminum is a soft, lightweight metal which is about one-third the density of steel and can be used in contact with a wide range of foodstuffs. If you would like to learn more the details, please browse the following products and feel free to inquire.

Aluminum Machining, Aluminum Machined Parts

Characteristics & Function:

  • Aluminum is light; its density is only one-third that of steel.
  • Aluminum is resistant to weather, common atmospheric gases, and a wide range of liquids.
  • Aluminum can be used in contact with a wide range of foodstuffs.
  • Aluminum has a high reflectivity and, as a result, is employed in a number of decorative applications.
  • Aluminum alloys can equal or even exceed the strength of normal construction steel.
  • Aluminum has high elasticity, which is an advantage in structures under shock loads.
  • Aluminum keeps its toughness down to very low temperatures, without becoming brittle like carbon steels.
  • Aluminum is easily worked and formed; it can be rolled to very thin gauges.
  • Aluminum conducts electricity and heat nearly as well as copper.
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