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2001.01 Founded in Changhua City, Changhua County
2001.05 Imported Japanese CNC multi-functioned lathe machines.
2001.11 In order to get better quality, we purchased Flexi vision Simplex CNC.
2003.09 For increasing the production capacity, we moved to Da-li City, Taichung County and we bought new equipment year by year. Until 2003, there were 15 machines.
2005.06 In order to improve the quality of our products, we adopted ISO9001 quality management.
2005.09 Due to the production capacity was rising, we bought a new factory (250 square meters factory space), and moved to Taipin City, Taichung County.
2006.01 Certificated ISO 9001:2000.
2007.03 For meeting our client’s requirements, we imported the Micro Vu CNC from U.S.A.
2007.04 In order to meet the customer’s requirements and enhance the quality control, we imported Micro Vu CNC from U.S.A.
2008.10 We bought another CNC multi-functioned lathe machines; 22 machines in total.
2010.07 Imported Japanese CNC multi-functioned lathe machine x1
2010.12 Imported ERP System.
2011.02 We were planning to import ISO13485 system.
2011.04 Imported 3 Japanese CNC multi-functioned lathe machines; 26 machines in total.
2012.09 Certificated ISO13485: 2003 and ISO9001: 2008
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